The Coronavirus & Diggs Haul Inc.


Executive Order 202.6, "Essential Business," means:  

moving Companies have been deemed as an essential business for both state and local governments. As a result, YES, we are OPEN and fully operational.

We’re committed to the safety of our Customers, Employees, and Communities. While we are operating fully, we are using CDC recommendations as it relates to social distancing and precautions for both our clients and our staff.


operating procedures

(Effective 3/27/20)

  • We would like for our customers to be prepared to leave their homes for the duration of the move after the initial walk-through is completed with our moving crew.

  • If our customers have access to masks or face covers, we'd ask that they wear them during the walk-through with our moving crew.  If masks are unavailable, please maintain safe distances of 1.5 meters or more at all times.

  • Our Crew Leaders will be prepared to do much of their interaction with customers through phone calls, text, and/or FaceTime during the progression of the move.

  • Customers will be asked to return at the end of the move to evaluate their items and any additional documentation. Because we feel that any opportunity for interaction should be limited, we are waiving the requirement to sign the paperwork in person. All documentation will be electronically signed.

frequently asked questions 


Is Diggs Haul Inc. available for new bookings?

Yes, our locations and trucks are still in operation. To confirm schedule availability or to book with us, check out our SERVICES section on our website to start an Instant Quote. You can also contact our customer service team via phone or email at (937) 532-6106 or for assistance.


I have an upcoming move scheduled with Diggs Haul Inc. Is this move still happening?

Unless Diggs Haul Inc. has reached out to cancel or postpone your move, it’s still business as usual for all of our customers who are currently booked. If you have any questions or concerns about your scheduled move, please reach out to our customer service team to address any concerns you may have.


What if the location I had my move scheduled with needs to close due to COVID-19, can it still be performed from another location?

This may vary by location. Please reach out to our customer service team via phone or email  at (937) 532-6106 or for additional assistance.

What is Diggs Haul Inc. doing to support communities during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As Diggs Haul Inc.® has a corporate commitment to providing the best moving assistance to our customers and help them meet all of their home and business needs. As we work through the COVID-19 outbreak all across the country, we are working as diligently as we can to not only take the necessary precautions and actions for sanitation and safety with our employees and customers, we’re also offering support in our communities to those affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak.

If you have any other questions regarding scheduling a move, a move you already have scheduled, or information surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and our business, we encourage you to contact our customer service team directly to discuss these issues.