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Moving Day


  • What does a moving company do?
    A moving company is a business that helps people and/or businesses move their items from one location to another. Some moving companies have specialties. Depending on the specialty of the company the items each moving company handles could vary anywhere from general household items and office furniture to commercial-grade equipment.
  • Will movers store your stuff?
    The simple answer to this question is YES. Overnight storage is more common than longer lengths of storage. This , of course would vary based on the moving company. Open communication will allow for a easier.
  • What is the difference between a FLAT RATE mover vs HOURLY RATE mover?
    FLAT RATES allow a customer to know the exact cost of the move from start to finish, without any hidden fees. When calculating hourly rates, it includes wrapping, mileage/fuel, truck rental, and labor services. Typically, you would provide details regarding your needs and be provided with a guaranteed flat- rate for the items discussed. On the other hand, HOURLY RATE movers would charge you a rate per hour and there is only an estimate provided on how long they would expect a move to take. However, there are many variables to this that may change the final cost for your move.
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