We understand the importance of making the payment process as easy as possible for our customers.






What forms of payment does Diggs Haul Inc. accept? 

We accept payment by Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal,  cash or credit/debit card. Including the brands, you trust like Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. You may choose to pay at your service origin or destination - just let your Diggs Haul representative know which option is your preference. 


Does Diggs Haul Inc. accept checks? 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks of any kind at this time.

Do I have to complete a credit card authorization form even if I am making my payment using the payment methods for Paypal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay? 

Are there any minimums or fees I should be aware of?

We strive to make our payment policy straight forward. While there are no minimums to use any of our accepted payment options, there is a 4 to-5.3% processing fee for credit/debit card transactions.  

YES! We require each account to have credit card authorization on file. Legally, we have to validate the information used to make payments is the same as what is listed on the credit card authorization with the contract.

Can I make my payments over the phone?

I have already booked my move, but I need to update my credit card information. How do I update the information on file?

Click here to complete a new credit card authorization form for the credit card information we have on file for your account. NOTE:  Credit card details must be the same as the contract name.  For any questions, please contact your brand ambassador prior to submission of the credit card authorization form.

YES! Our focus continues to be on making the payment process as smooth as possible. We will ask for a valid I.D. to complete the information needed for credit/debit authorization. So, please have your driver's license, passport, or military I.D. available.