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The Leo Carrillo State Park Flood & How Your Upcoming Move Could Be Affected

It is with great sadness that we have been made aware of a flood caused by the recent winter storm and heavy rains impacting California but more specifically Leo Carrillo State Park campers.

While the storms is expected to subside in the coming days, this may prompt many residents who are planning moves in the upcoming months to question how their move may be covered in the even of an Act of God or similar inclement weather.

If your move is delayed by an act of God, you could be covered by the clauses in your mover's contract. That's if they include one or more of the following: Acts of God.

This is a legal term that refers to natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and tornadoes.

Many moving companies have clauses that protect customers in the event of these occurrences. Some movers will offer clauses only where the mover is at fault for the delay or cancellation.


Ask about this as part of your quote process or when picking a mover. In some cases, a clause might only protect your house from flood damage rather than your move. If you want protection for both, ask about adding it to your contract.

  • Acts of war or terrorism.

Even though these are less common than floods and hurricanes, acts of terror and war can also delay your move or cause damages to your house.

  • Acts of public authorities.

This could include local governments prohibiting large vehicles from driving on roads because of snow or flooding. It could also refer to state governments asking trucks to carry fewer items per trip because they're being rationed due to a fuel shortage during wartime.

If you're concerned about what might happen during your move or if Diggs Haul Inc has this type of clause in place, the answer is Yes. Give us a call if you are looking for a mover that is upfront and transparent about their contract, clauses, and prices.

Diggs Haul Inc., we make moving easy!

Know Your Costs Upfront. No Surprises. Period.

Click here to learn more about the storm and campers as reported by Fox LA.

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